A Whole New Way of Thinking about - Funding Retirement Health Care Costs

401Rx Plan Overview

Concern about how to meet the rising cost of post-retirement health care is a frequent topic of conversation from corporate board rooms to the factory floor. Many professionals and small business owners question whether they will be able to save enough money for general retirement needs, not to mention retiree health care costs.

The 401Rx Plan® offers employers large and small the opportunity to design a personalized Retiree Health Plan to match their primary business objectives. Employers may select the desired type or level of benefits from an “a la carte” menu to design a package that maximizes their ability to meet future projected needs.

The 401Rx Plan® is a single employer welfare benefit plan designed and administered in compliance with ERISA. Although the plan is subject to the reporting, disclosure and fiduciary protections of ERISA, welfare benefit plans are not subject to the contribution limitations, vesting and non-discrimination rules. Instead, a separate set of contribution and non-discrimination (but not vesting) rules are provided under the tax code, which in many ways provide greater flexibility to plan sponsors.


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