A Whole New Way of Thinking about - Values

Guiding Principles

Custom Solutions Save Money

IBG-BMC was founded by professionals who believe that small to mid-size employers deserve a more professional and comprehensive approach to employee benefits and risk management. In developing solutions for our clients we run through a check list to insure that we are holding true to our core principles. These principles protect the integrity of the professional consultative process and inure to the benefit of employers, employees and advisors alike.

Statement of Core Values

  •  Solutions must be driven by results not products

  •  Benefits & risk management should provide
    value not be merely be a cost

  •  Employee benefits should be a contract with employees
    not a contract with insurance companies

  •  Benefits & risk management should be top shelf -
    not off the shelf

  •  Innovative solutions must provide cost reduction
    and rate stabilization

  •  Just because it is legal doesen`t mean it`s right

  •  Technology must be balanced with personal service

  •  Win, win, win for employers, employers & advisors

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."