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Custom Solutions Save Money

The IBG-BMC methodology for designing comprehensive and integrated employee benefits and risk management solutions has as its core objectives cost reduction and rate stability. By assisting your executives and employees in maintaining their physical health and financial security, clients can be more efficient and effective in delivering goods and services to their consumers and constituencies. Recognizing that payroll, benefit costs, taxes and liability exposures represent a significant drain of capital, our integrated approach balances these competing concerns in a manner designed to generate 10-35% overall cost savings.

At IBG-BMC we understand risks

At IBG-BMC we understand risks and more importantly we understand insurance and how insurance companies price risks and set premiums. Utilizing this knowledge we work with clients to help them evaluate both insured and non-insured methods for providing employee benefits and risk management.

Our process

Our process begins with gathering information to obtain a thorough understanding of a client’s operations, culture and exposures. The information obtained during the fact-finding phase is evaluated by our professional team utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account legal, financial, and human capital factors. From Group Health to high limit disability to weather protection we handle it all. Since no two benefits or risks are the same our Advisors and Professional Team evaluate each client's needs against both traditional and non-traditional options.

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