A Whole New Way of Thinking about - Leadership

Management Team

H. Paul Doucette, JD

President / CEO

H. Paul Doucette is an attorney who for over 25 years has provided hundreds of high income/high net worth individuals and business owners throughout the country with tax, estate and business planning counsel. READ MORE

"Innovation is the Crossroads between an Observation of what is and a Vision of what could be."

Brian Hardin

Vice President / COO

Brian Hardin joins IBG-BMC from the health/life insurance world. Brian was co-founder of an Independent Marketing Organization where he was responsible for the training, recruiting, supervision and support for over 4,000 health and life agents. READ MORE

"Employee benefits must be 'elegant' – refined, dignified, cleverly simple, ingenious."

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

Steve Jobs