A Whole New Way of Thinking about - Rate Stability

Health Options PlusTM is Designed to Keep Costs Low

Health care costs can be controlled. The main reason so many employers face ever increasing health care costs is the lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge of utilization, lack of knowledge of alternative funding options, and employees’ lack of knowledge of health risks. Health Options PlusTM is designed to provide employers and employees with the knowledge necessary to stabilize rates and leave more money in their pockets year after year. Understanding how insurance companies set premiums is important, but knowing how they spend your premium dollars is even more important.
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What You Don't Know Can Really Cost You

Each year at renewal time many employers are faced with rate increases that easily go into the double digits, sometimes 20-30% or higher. The typical explanation is that claims were higher and medical costs increased. But, whose claims? Yours, or the insurance companies’ entire pool of insured lives?

Each year, the insurance company has an unfair advantage over the employer. They have data and data is king. The employer’s lack of data puts him in an unfair bargaining position with the insurance company. Most small employers don’t receive any claims data from their insurance company. Others receive only the information their insurance companies choose to provide. Yet others receive data and don’t know how to interpret or use it. The eHOPE PlanTM is designed to obtain the right data and IBG-BMC knows what to do with it. The right data is critical to controlling costs year after year.

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight”

Carly Fiorina