A Whole New Way of Thinking about - Improving Employee Health

The Health Options PlusTM Plan is Designed to Improve Health

Health issues affecting employees and family members is a major cause of work related stress, anxiety, errors and time off. Thus, an employee’s overall health and productivity is directly related to the health and well-being of their spouse and children. Health Options PlusTM incorporates a comprehensive health, wellness, disease management and prevention program which is clinically designed and proven to improve employee health, reduce health care costs, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism (in “attendance” but not focused) and increase productivity.

The Health Options PlusTM Plan has partnered with US Preventive Medicine, Inc. to provide all plan participants with access to The Prevention PlanTM . Through The Health Options PlusTM Plan small to midsize employers now have access to the same robust prevention plan that major employers such as Aon and the State of Nevada have enjoyed for years.

US Preventive Medicine, Inc. Resources

The Prevention Plan Member Brochure

The Prevention Plan can help you:

Loose Weight ▪ Lower Blood Pressure ▪ Prevent Type II Diabetes
▪ Quit Smoking ▪ And more

The Prevention Plan Includes:

Online Health Assessment ▪ 24/7 Nurse Hotline ▪ Macaw App
Activity & Nutrition Tracker ▪ Preventive Screening Schedule
Personal Written Health Plan ▪ Comprehensive Blood Analysis

Visit www.ThePreventionPlan.com

US Preventive Medicine Corporate Brochure

Learn more about the company behind the country’s foremost wellness and prevention program based upon the Science of Preventive Medicine

Visit www.USPM.com

The Voice of the Employer

Hear what employers say

about The Prevention Plan

(length: 2.5 min)

  • Higher levels of employee engagement
    • Effective recruitment strategies and communications
    • Dedicated health coaches provide individual education and intervention strategies
    • Private and confidential; Independent of insurance
    • Innovative motivation strategies including contests, challenges and rewards
    • Prevention Score to track and reward individual prevention efforts
  • Seamlessly integrates with current health and EAP benefits
  • Comprehensive profile of population health status and opportunities
The Voice of the Member

Hear what members say

about The Prevention Plan

(length: 3 min)

  • Comprehensive health assessment and lab work to determine top risks
  • Online action plans, tracking, videos, animations and library
  • Portable so individual can use year after year
  • Personal physician can participate
  • Tracks progress from year to year
  • Motivating incentives and rewards
  • Private, secure online storage for all health records
  • Health coaching and community resources to ensure goals are met
  • Discounts from Prevention Plan Partners* for health-related products and services
  • Open to family and friends
  • All personal information is completely confidential

Macaw App Demo

Watch a demo of Macaw version 2.1.2 by USPM and how Prevention Plan users can grow their Prevention Score by 200 points through the activity trackers including manual, GPS, other apps, and wireless activity monitors.

Visit www.macawapp.com

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